Application Development

Organizations hosting applications are under constant pressure of delivering requisite outputs all the time and maintenance of the application through dynamic business environment. A simple hick in the performance of the application might result in loss of millions of dollars. It takes expert professionals, agile methodologies and smart framework to build and maintain high standard application that takes least time to market and very low total cost of ownership.

A FMCG organization specializing in marketing cannot be expected to be an expert in developing and maintaining software applications too.

Tekplant offers on-site and off-site solutions to develop and maintain robust applications across different industries. Our agile delivery model synergized with expertise in development and maintenance experience for over a decade is a formidable combination that works in favor of the clients looking for a world class service with assured quality and industry standards.

Web UI

In an era where invariably every business domain is cluttered with competition, the risk of your business becoming a “Me too” entity is always lurking around the corner. The key to mastery of attracting the eye balls and conquering the mind space of customer lies with exhibiting your business entity prominently in cyberspace. We provide that mastery and expertise which arms you with ammunition that conjures your edge over the competitors.

Our expert professionals would engage in in-depth discussion, brain storming sessions with undivided attention to understand the nuances and nitty-gritty of your business environment to work out a fool proof strategy on creating a formidable online presence for your business entity. This process would iterate until a powerful strategy is worked out. On getting your consent on the strategy, theme and presentation, we execute the project again to launch and propel your business entity in the cyber space.

Mobile UI

Explosion of Information Technology revolution have turned the legacy business concepts upside down. The customers are more hooked to their smart phones and portable digital devices than conventional PC or Laptop. Presence in cyberspace is not limited to PC and Laptop anymore; it extends to smart phones, tablets, PDAs etc as well. Designing the web pages with web browser alone in mind is a thing of past.

Mobile User Interface design radically differs from conventional browser interface as the customer interaction system should be much more intense and robust. Our professional programmers and designers are the hand-picked experts from industry with vast experience of programming and designing cross platform applications and interface.

We offer customized solutions to ensure your business entity reaches out to the customers through their smart phones, Tablets and PDAs as well

Application modernization

IT has migrated from automation of business process to innovation of business process. Technologies, hardware, business models, customer expectations are changing rapidly. Because of this business are facing the following challenges:

  • Higher TCO
  • Changing Regulatory requirements
  • Higher Time-To-Market new service or products
  • Multi-Channel support requirements
  • Risks in application maintenance due to legacy applications
  • Shortage of skills

Enterprise information management

Traditional information management methodologies evolved rapidly in recent past due to explosion in data, marking the genesis of Information enterprise. An organization is swarmed with diverse and complex organizational systems, legacy systems, corporate/regulatory policies, business content and unstructured complex data. EIM enables the organization to get meaningful information and interpretations through this complicated maze.

TekPlant Inc EIM application helps businesses attain 360 degree views of their big data and analytics by streamlining organizational workflows, increasing the quality of information and creating integrated user interfaces for end users through customized dashboards