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Nutritional Analysis

With the advent of junk food culture the society has brushed aside the nutrition and health to the back burner, giving more importance only to taste, look and feel of the food consumed. It took more than an era to dawn on the collective conscience of the society about awareness of obesity, calories and fat. With this realization bloomed the new study of healthy food, Nutrition and dietetics.

A Dietician is a trained professional who mastered the field of nutrition and dietetics and employed by hospitals, food centric organizations, Hotels, schools etc., to plan the menu that caters to the nutritional requirements of patients, employees, customers, consumers and students.

Our Menu planning services offers the professional service of a trained, skilled dietician from an off-shore location providing consultancy on menus designed or audited by USDA or other government body standards through Menu planning analysis tools like Nutrikids Our services offers a professional consultancy at a very competitive cost through off-shore model.

Medical billing and coding services

Our certified, trained professionals ease out the complex process of medical billing and coding process through exemplary service to the customers. We have customized industry recognized business application through which we offer

  • Clearing house services
  • Insurance claim submission services
  • Patients co-pay collection services
  • Medical billing services
  • Status reporting system services
  • Transition of off-shore services
  • Medical coding services

Medical Transcription services

Private physicians, clinics and transcription vendors are bound by law to follow certain standards in documentation. TekPlant Inc Medical transcriptions services aid the medical professionals to provide unparalleled care to their patients by removing the hassles of documentation responsibilities out of their portfolio.

Tekplant engages state of art business application and top notch professionals to provide world class services to the customers.

Tekplant employs the cost effective subscription methodology for the following Transcription life cycle management process:

Dictation – Work-allocation – Transcription – Online Editing/reviewing – Electronic Signing – Distribution of reports by FAX/Email

This not only helps the physicians and clinics in getting world class professional services, but also helps them avoiding the infrastructure and dedicated man power costs. Tekplant customers could see instant, tangible reduction of 30% to 40% of existing medical transcription cost