Independent Testing

Cost of fixing a bug after developing a product costs 30 to 40 times higher than fixing it in developing stage, says a study. To err is human, to fix it – there is a tester. Doing it right every time is a hypothetical situation, especially in application development domain where human intervention is higher than other industries.

What is Independent testing?

Organizations with in-house testing teams are often overwhelmed with cruet and troughs of uncertain business demands. Costing challenges poses restrictions in investing in state of art testing infrastructure. Such scenarios ultimately results in inferior quality products which finally ends up in sky rocketing cost of quality when a good quality final product is delivered after iterative testing and bug fixing cycles.

In simple terms it is Testing As A Service (TAAS), provided by a service provider like Tekplant. We offer a well balanced composition of conventional and next generation testing solutions to the clients customized needs.

Advantages of Independent testing

Our solution ensures you deliver the commitments on time with superior quality, which significantly reduces the faster time to market for your customer, enhancing your face value. In addition, the cost of testing significantly comes down due to software as service model which enhances automation, encourages utilization of reusable assets, through smart framework.